With WP App Studio, you do not need to be an expert to develop your own advanced WordPress site.

Be less busy. Spend less. Get more. Be independent.

WP App Studio is the one and only Advanced Visual Design and Development Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for creating sites in the form of WordPress plugins

Everything you need is in one place

Create, design, generate and download your apps all in WP App Studio WordPress plugin; freely available at wordpress.org plugin repository. No special processing or computer configuration is needed.

Packed with powerful features
With WPAS, you're never stuck. More features are offered out-of-the-box than anywhere else.
Could not find what you're looking for? Know how to code? More power to you. No coding experience? Let us develop it for you.
Globally unique WordPress development
at your service 24x7
  • No coding is needed for simple apps
  • Lean and mean production ready code out of the box
  • No need to wait for someone else or huge bills or lengthy talk
  • Your plugin design is fully traceable to the code generated
  • All required libraries are included and linked locally in the plugin zip file
  • No need for any other plugin(s) to be installed to make it work
Pick and choose from three tiers
  • FreeDev
    • Designed for learning basic concepts
    • Limited functionality
    • No domain restrictions
    • Free
  • ProDev
    • Designed for professionals
    • Full functionality
    • Domain based license
    • Paid yearly
  • ComDev
    • Designed for development companies
    • Full functionality
    • No domain restrictions
    • Paid yearly

Reducing costs and increasing efficiency

Fully tested code by thousands of users
Up to 80% reduction in time-to-market
Dedicated production team for defect resolutions and improvements
Reproducible quality at the highest level
Less resource usage and transition costs
Up to 56% increase in resource productivity and production efficiency
More time on understanding requirements than coding
Up to 35% Increase in customer adaptation
*1 year free support, upgradable to Premium support. Stats are based on 2015 survey of 40 customers

Get started with WP App Studio

1 Buy ProDev license or sign up for FreeDev account Buy ProDev Join FreeDev
2 Download WPAS plugin Download
3 Purchase available designs or design your own Buy Designs
4 Download FreeDev edition or purchase and download ProDev edition Get Support Read Docs
5 Participate in WP App Studio Development See and vote on what's cooking